Ten Minute Warning

Well, it’s now time for some very sad news. Bob did make it to the C3 conference this past September, where he got to speak on two panels and was honored by the organizers, Intrigue Publishing, for his incredible achievement in completing his last book under such adverse circumstances. But we knew then that things were just not right. He was getting weaker and weaker. I bought a transport chair in case we needed it at C3, and it was a good thing–we needed it all right.

Shortly thereafter it became obvious that the new chemo was no longer working. Sad to say with glioblastoma, there really are only two chemos, and when they don’t work anymore, it’s all over. More research, more funding, more awareness are badly needed for this disease.

Bob is now bedridden and we expect he may have a week or two to go. He lived to see one more writer’s conference, which is something we had wanted to do together for ten years, and to see the words, “The End” on his last book. Sad to say, he will not live to hold the book in his hands, but he has several offers for it and he is aware enough to understand that it will see publication one day soon.

Thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride, who’s prayed, and who’s corresponded with us over the past two years. Thank you especially to those who’ve helped out with prayers, moral support, visits, sitting with Bob when I am not available, and other assorted things like fixing leaky faucets and doing pee-pee laundry at 3:30 am when our dryer was broken and multiple repair visits were needed to get it working.

Appreciate it, everyone. Really.

When Bob finally passes on, I’ll let everyone know here, and of course, when we have news about the book. The title is Deja Noir (at least for right now.) Be watching out for it!