Moving On

It’s been a very busy summer over here at the Lyons-Bailey household. Work always revs up in the summertime, and Bob wasn’t the only older family member I had to take care of. Starting in April, other family members started taking turns in the hospital, and  I made an appearance there myself a time or two. All of this slowed down the editing on Bob’s last book, Deja Noir, which he worked so hard to finish. But now it’s done, and on its way back to Agent Andy. When we have news on any book deal, we will let Bob’s fans and friends know in this space.

Lastly, shortly after Bob passed away, I took part in this interview of four families who had vastly different experiences with GBM. We all strongly recommend it for anyone newly diagnosed. GBM is a fast-moving disease and you don’t have much time to think about options and make decisions after getting a diagnosis like this. There’s a treasure trove of information here, so if you know anyone newly diagnosed, please pass this article along.