For those who haven’t heard, Bob has suffered a recurrence of his brain cancer. It is now in three different places in his brain, and they aren’t good places. Both Cullather Brain Tumor Center and the wonderful Dr. Khan are saying it’s time for hospice, but Bob isn’t ready to give up. He is trying to make his 7/23 Avastin infusion and even willing to go back on steroids to improve swelling and brain function. Bob is tough. Bob is a fighter. HeĀ  had a HORRIBLE 24 hours after his first Avastin infusion due to gout. Hardly even able to move at all in bed. So it’s hard to tell if the Avastin helped much. We’d know more if he were able to get up.

Obviously he will not make his Michigan appearances this weekend. I was going to announce he wouldn’t be making any, but some little bird is telling me to hold off for a while. Bob is tough. Bob is a fighter. If anyone can spare any prayers for Bob, please do. They helped with his gout last night. You can keep up to date with Bob’s progress on his Facebook page.